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The basics for designing great apps.

  • How we design. The Microsoft design language is inspired by the simplicity of Swiss print design, the way-finding graphics of transit centers, and using motion to guide the user through the story of an app. This design language is a great baseline—for designers and developers alike.

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  • The foundation that drives good, clean design. The Microsoft design philosophy is exemplified by clean, uncluttered app screens that operate quickly, minimize typing, and notify the user as new info arrives.

    Design Principles
    • Pride in craftsmanship
    • More with less
    • Fast and fluid
    • Authentically digital
    • Win as one
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  • Guidance for designing great apps. Access resources and references for all things related to design and modern apps.

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  • Design the best app you can. Use the same five-stage process followed by design teams at Microsoft, and download the same tools, templates, and assets that they use. This process helps you consider all aspects of design, and encourages trying variants so that you can feel sure yours is the best app you could have designed.

    • Concept
    • Structure
    • Interaction
    • Visual
    • Prototype
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Learn from successful, well-designed apps


By focusing on the core scenario of how to capture panoramas as quickly and seamlessly as possible, Photosynth creates a world-class experience that makes it easy for anyone to capture and share those precious little moments.