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Design Library

Guidance for designing great apps.

Take advantage of everything the Windows Runtime has to offer and create a single app that targets Windows Phone and Windows. Read on to learn the principles of good design and get the guidance you need to create experiences your users will love.

Platform and ecosystem

A look at the Windows Phone platform and the types of apps that developers can create to meet specific user needs.

App design process

Usability principles that can help designers solve problems, simplify tasks for users, and take full advantage of the platform.

Structure and navigation models

The main categories of app interaction models that you are likely to encounter in your app design.

Design assets

Tools, templates, and assets straight from the Windows Phone Design Studio.

Windows Phone Silverlight apps

If you’re a developer planning to build a Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 or Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 app, you’ll find design guidance tailored to your needs in the Design library for Windows Phone 8.